29 May 2011

International Friend

it’s a way to find ourselves . you never gonna make it all around cause i’m better than what you are . now i don’t have anymore . i can pretend to be a friend . that never gonna make you feel alive . you can be like me if you want but you can never take my life . come around and sit beside and comfort me with everything you’ve got . that i really wanna make your mind is it true or it’s just a lie . to be alive and not to cry is everything in life that we just want . we can dance if you wanna dance but you can never take my life because i don't want you to be sad and don’t get mad . it’s a fact . i'm sorry my mate


  1. kenapa kan kamu lagi tinggi dari mat salleh tu hahaaaaa XD

  2. to dochi : jawapannya hanya pada tuhan . hehe .