10 April 2012

She's Preferably

# segalanya boleh digambarkan melalui dari sini . oh ya ! ini buat si dia .

my life has been so wonderful and miracle .
whatever things I have done are back in a circle .
time has already pass and it was all in a jumble .
it’s not some kind of things you see is it ?
this isn’t commercial .

24/7 , we are all very busy .
she likes a song that is really really catchy .
he used to read a book that's call the melody .
she wears tight pants and he goes out to meet his friend that .
she’s preferably .

when you see me outside . i hope you give a smile .
yes ! you should know what's going on ?
i never wanted my life to be this way .
but yes I’m sorry , i should go .

* oh ya ! gua sudah okay dari rasa celaka sebelum ini . klik dan dengar !