17 June 2011

Welcome To My Paradise

welcome to my paradise .

come and take a look out through my eyes .
and you decide why people act this way .
people thieving, fighting, telling lies .
they criticize and hate each other .

nature colors all have changes some how .
the seas are brown the skies are thick and grey .
all of these things make me feel so down .
and think about finding my own place .

a place where we can toast and drink .
a place where we can share some weed .
a place where there's no bullshit and every body can come .

welcome to my paradise .
where this sky so blue . 
where the sunshine so bright .
welcome to my paradise .
where you can be free . 
where the party never ending .

* klik  kalau nak tahu apa yang gua tulis kat atas ni . thanks atas jemputan lu orang untuk gua dengan Double A . tak sabar nak 22 July la geng . gua tak kisah sama ada Reggae Bar ataupun Slippery Senoritas . gua on je . haha . enjoy !